The World of Lavenn

The world of Lavenn is controlled by several seperate governing entities. The largest and most powerful of these entities is the Empire of Lavenn. The current ruler is the Empress Adamaris, who took on the duties of rule herself after her husband, Emperor Arandall, died suddenly three years ago. Her family has been in control of the empire for the past 800 years, and she has no doubts about it continuing for another 800. With her four children, two girls and two boys, she now has the task of deciding who will take over the throne after her. The capitol city of Brellince is ideally located, as it is ringed by mountains and large rivers that feed into the sea.

The second most powerful nations are of the Western and Eastern elven clans. They are evenly matched in population and share a common heritage, but differ considerably in philosophies. The Western elves remain true to the “old ways”. They are mostly peaceful, and use their magics and abilities to stay in balance with nature. This can be seen in their art and architecture, as they tend to mimic natural shapes and manipulate plants and trees to fit their needs. The ruler of the Western elves is Queen Mayora. She has been ruling the elves for as long as any race can recall, and will continue to for millenia. The queens consort, Farondil, has been by her side for the entire length of her reign.

The Eastern elves are progressive, and are keen on staying on par with human advancements and technology. They have even adopted human court dress and architecture. Queen Syndelin is ruler of the Eastern elves. A strong and wise ruler, she has adopted many modern tastes. She rules over her dominion from her castle, which she had built long ago. It is considered the most beautiful structure in the world to many. The queen’s consort, Beric, is a human who has caused quite a scandal among the elven community. He has been with her for the past five years. He is one of the many that have rotated over the past 30 years. Her previous consort, the elf Alcion, disappeared mysteriously.

The last elven nation to speak of is the Red Elves. Lamaara is the leader of the red elves, and they are a seperate political entity from the eastern and western elves. She rules a small territory in the southern regions, free of any rivalries. Lamaara tends to stay out of the politics of the rest of the world, and works to help her people thrive.Red Elves are known for their simple lifestyle and their proficiency with ranged weapons. Be it bow and arrow or crossbow, they are the masters. They tend to focus on training in melee and martial arts, as they often deal with wild creatures. Strong magic is more rare among the red elves, as they have moved toward physical mastery. A magic user among the red elves is treasured; they tend to only have elemental powers. Fire, water, earth, and air manipulation are the main abilities, but other powers have been seen.

The dwarven lands are ruled by several families, running and governing their own territories as they see fit. The dwarves used to be united under one great king, until they broke apart due to in fighting and bloody skirmishes. They are not seen often outside of Lavenn and the dwarven lands, as they tend to dispute with the elves often. They are made wealthy by the riches they mine and craft from the land. They are also considered to be the largest landholders, as they mine for miles into other territories, unbeknownst to most. The most prominent dwarven citizens come from the Ironfoot clan, as they are often seen in Brellince, and one has even taken a human wife.

There are many other races and groups that live within the borders of these nations, but they are not remotely as organized or established as the main five.

The World of Lavenn