Bogvic Ironfoot

Progressive Dwarven family head


Name: Bogvic Ironfoot
Race: Dwarf
Occupation: Merchant/Craftsmen
Friends: Bogrik, Eden

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Age: 380
Height: 4’5’’
Weight: 180
Hair: Orange
Eyes: Hazel
Skin: Tan
Distinguishing Marks: large beard, large axe


The Ironfoot clan is lead by Bogvic “Boggy” Ironfoot. The Ironfoot clan has a strong presence in Brellince, as they own and operate a large trading post for their goods. Bogvic travels back and forth between Brellince and his homeland, and has left his son Bogrik to run operations there permenantly. Bogrik loves the city, and has even married a human woman. Eden, who is a cook at the castle. While his father wishes he had married a dwarf woman, he is just glad to see his son happy. At almost 400 years old, he wishes to see all of his children that happy.

Bogvic Ironfoot

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